Salsa Classes Edinburgh

Salsa Classes Edinburgh brought to you by Alex el Gato and Laura Tiguerona of ifYOUwalkYOUcanDANCE

Want to try Salsa dancing for the first time?

Are you an experienced salsa dancer interested in learning a new style?

Want to keep fit and meet new people?

Then our salsa dance classes are for you.

  • No partner necessary
  • No dance experience necessary
  • Guaranteed workout

Salsa and bachata dance classes across central Scotland in Edinburgh and surrounding area

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More information about our classes:  

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Phone: 07955820558

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Our classes in Free Latin American style salsa are characterised by a number of things:

They are inclusive and friendly. You do not need a partner or any dancing experience, all ages and fitness levels are welcome, and they are for people of all shapes and sizes.

Basic steps to beginners and improvers are taught on-1 (the first beat of the music) which means we feel the rhythm of the drums. This is how most people in the UK dance.

We break steps down and teach you to dance very clearly and slowly how to move your body, move your feet and feel the timing and rhythm of the music.

We teach routines in free-Latin American style as warm-ups. These help you to concentrate on footwork and style and also are a great work-out for everyone. There are different levels of routine for each level of class. We often take our classes to perform these routines (everyone from 16 years old to their 80s can perform)

We teach you how to dance with a partner and how to lead and be led in a social context.

In more advanced classes we teach more complex shines, dips, drops, complex combinations and turn patterns. We also show you how to adapt your style to interpret the music and how to dance on-2 in Dominican style.

In all of our classes we also teach the Dominican Dance of Bachata which is becoming more popular than salsa world-wide. This dance style from the backstreets of the Dominican Republic was pariah in the Dominican until 1990s and was not played on the national radio stations until the 1990s. It is now a world-wide phenomenon. Popularised by the group Aventura in the USA in recent years.

Our classes are for you if:

  • You want to learn to dance
  • You want to make new friends of all ages and backgrounds
  • You want to improve your fitness
  • You love Dominican people, Dominican music and the Dominican Republic
  • You want to lose weight or tone-up
  • You want to learn a new skill
  • You want to improve your Spanish by immersing yourself in the music and culture
  • You want to de-stress after a hard day
  • You want to feel more confident or just get in the holiday mood

For details on our classes see our classes page 

Edinburgh City Centre Venue

3 Dundas Street EH3 6GQ Edinburgh, United Kingdom